Monthly Archives: February 2015

Another approach to news, which aims to give you the context behind the headlines. Timeline presents the events behind a current news topic, you guessed it, in a timeline. There’s much to be said for the timeline approach in displaying relevant, related content to give greater understanding to a topic. Lots of sites are using elements of it (for example, The Verge’s ’story stream’). I’ll be interested to see how successful a standalone app does.
Watch the promo video here.

“There is a small but growing group of designers that have a passion for designing business”
The Guardian’s been busy working with the brilliant Sennep on an interactive series of videos of innovators, including Sir Tim Berners Lee, Maggie Aderin-Pockock, Ranulph Fiennes and Alice Roberts.

I know it’s mid(end) of January, but have just stumbled across the Washington Post’s round-up of their digital graphics from 2014, all in one, handy place.

Archive and Estate is a divinely beautiful set of photographs.Screen-Shot-2015-02-02-at-09.20.26